Pet Products, Nutrition and Expo Trade Shows

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Whether your pet is a rabbit, dog, parrot, cat, and fancy rat among others, you need to treat it as part of your family both behaviorally and psychologically. It’s important to ensure that it is getting all of its basic needs including easting the best food, getting the required medical attention and being shown a lot of affection and love. It is also beneficial to take a good insurance policy for your pet. Tender care will not only improve the relationship you have with your pet but also make the pet very happy.


About Pet Products

The many different types of pets will require different pet products depending on the place they are, the time of the day or the exact needs of the pet. Also, the age and breed type of these pets will determine the products that will be needed. Pets require grooming products, vaccination products, supplements, food, training and exercise products, toys and gears, treats, and housing among others.
Irrespective of the product you are acquiring you have to ensure that it’s of the best quality and will guarantee pet safety. This means that you need to understand your pet in terms of age and sensitivity to some items or foods. It doesn’t matter how expensive the product is or how great the brand type is, it’s important to seek professional advice while buying your pet products. In fact, this is a must for first time pet owners.

Pet Nutrition

Pet food industry uses three main diet types. They include dry foods that are known to contain 3-11% of water, canned foods containing 60-78% of water and packaged in a soft-sided or solid container and semi-moist foods containing 25-35% of water and packed in pouches. Most companies make all these diet types. Irrespective of the diet type you choose, it’s important to ensure that the foods are natural, fresh and well balanced.

The type of food you buy depends on your pet’s specific energy requirements, dietary requirements (carbohydrates, oil, and protein), together with mineral and vitamin requirements. In some cases, you may have to use supplements to meet the recommended standards.

Pet Treats

Apart from the above, it’s necessary to reward your pet with great pet treats. Pets treats vary and may he used in the overall nutrition of your pet, give digestive and joint support, calm the pet, improve the pet’s coat and skin, as a great source of natural antioxidants, enable building of very strong muscles, and creating a healthy heart for the pet among other uses.
As a pet owner, you can decide to give your pet jerky and freeze dried treats, human food treats, special diet treats, soft treats, crunchy treats, bone-like and dental chews treats, animal hooves and bones, rawhide, homemade treats and possum treats. The one you buy depends on how much you want to spend plus your pet’s tastes and preferences.


Pet Expo Trade Shows

As a pet owner, attending a pet expo trade show will help you get to learn about the latest products in the market, enjoy price giveaways, get discounted vaccinations, have animal fun, access some free grooming services like nail trim, and get to attend useful seminars on pet life. As a business person, pet expo trade shows will help you network with other professionals, showcase your products and services, know your competitor and a give you a chance to meet new customers. In order to present your products you need a trade show display. Good thing is that you can buy it or you can use a rental option. For instance, a wide range or rental products you can find following the next link –
The good news is that most pet expos are organized in many states and this will allow you to attend one that is closer to you. You can attend the Global Pet Expo held in Orlando, the Progressive Pet Products or P3 show held in Chicago, and SuperZoo that is held in Las Vegas, just to mention a few. There are also international shows like PIJAC Canada and InterZoo.


If you consider all of the above guidance and seek a more customized advice depending on your pet, you are likely to enjoy a great life with a happy pet in the house.

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